Creative Pursuits

Creative Pursuits

This young adult novel from Napoleon Publishing is a compelling story about a rather grumpy yet imaginative 12-year-old named Kaitlin Anderson.

She’s got a lot on her plate to deal with: the death of a parent, a new stepmother, a troublesome sibling, a sometimes-astonishing best friend, and the dreadful boy next door. And of course, there are the pains and joys of young love.

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ISBN # 0-929141-99-7


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A Walk In the Park – A Sequel coming in 2005

Will she ever fit in?

In a new town, in a new school, fourteen-year-old Terra isn’t finding it easy to make new friends. And while some of the Inglewood girls seem kind of exciting; is that the crowd she really wants to hang out with?

While Terra’s always known she’s adopted, why is she so panicked at the thought of meeting her birthmother? Why didn’t she want to keep her baby anyhow?

And what about that cute guy Glenn from the new school? Could he possibly want to be friends – or more?