How to start a Career in Law: Practical tips for Legal students

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Every law student sooner or later becomes concerned about finding a job. However, most of them are aware that finding it without work experience is not so simple. Many people turn to special services for help, check legal resume writing service reviews to succeed in preparing a resume. But when you have very little work experience or not at all, a professional writer will not be able to fill this gap no matter what.

At the same time, many legal students prioritize wages and other material bonuses, the prestige of the company, and it is not surprising that in such cases they fail in their search. We have gathered some tips for those who want to enter the legal profession and become a real specialist.

1. Experiment to find what you like more

It is better to be a specialist in one narrow field than a mediocre lawyer in many areas. But to find exactly the specialization that suits you, you need to try a few. We recommend starting your job search in the federal sector. But keep in mind that for this you will have to prepare a resume according to these requirements, write a cover letter. Also you need to apply for a job on USAJOBS, the Federal Government’s official employment site. Remember that government work will offer you bonuses and a social package that you will not receive in the private sector.

Do not be afraid to change jobs often at the beginning of your search. Firstly, it will help you keep yourself in good shape, because changes are the way out of your comfort zone and the process of your personal development. And secondly, that’s how you learn the advantages and disadvantages of working in a particular area of ​​jurisprudence, understand what suits you better: a large firm or law office, or maybe a court, government or local government.

Begin your job search in advance during your studies at the university, in your fourth or fifth year, because a professional way of thinking is formed by constant practice. At the same time, what is being said at the institute will become clearer and more interesting.

2. Do not be afraid of routine tasks

Do not neglect any work. Even the most routine and simple tasks, it seems to you, how to: file a petition in court, scan documents, call the assistant judge and the like. Yes, this is a routine, not at all what you were counting on. On the other hand, without having mastered these basic processes from the inside, it will be very difficult for you to solve more serious problems.

At the same time, even if it seems to you that you are capable of more and you have too easy, learn to be responsible, take on complex tasks, and be proactive. And of course,  you need to work hard. This rule does not tolerate any doubt or objection.

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3. Narrow your search for employers

So when you have already decided which sphere is closest to you, start looking for an employer who works with such cases. The main thing is to pay attention to the tasks, team and leader with whom you will work. No need to focus on company size or remuneration. At the initial stage of a career, it is important to understand what you can learn, whether the employer is ready to give you the necessary knowledge and skills and to move you forward in career and professional terms.

4. Do not pursue high salaries

No need to put a salary as a priority in choosing a job. After all, first you need to take care to acquire the necessary experience and skills, and with the growth of your professionalism, the size of the reward will also increase. Many companies offer free internships. Whether you agree to it is up to you. But in such cases, we advise you to pay attention to the prestige of the company and the conditions under which you can stay to work in it.

5. Do not stop learning and improving

The fact that you have to work hard is understandable to everyone, but just in case, we will once again focus on this. However, we are convinced that if you really choose a specialty that is interesting to you, then overtime work will not seem to you something extraordinary. And again, don’t be afraid to change companies. If you see that in this organization you have nothing more to learn, then raise the bar, leave the comfort zone and constantly develop.

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